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AFTERGLOW: How to Walk a Dog – Mike White

AFTERGLOW: How to Walk a Dog – Mike White

The first day of November blessed us with the release of Mike White’s book How to Walk a Dog, a collection of observations of the dogs and people who frequent Tanera Park in Brooklyn, Wellington. Brought to life by acclaimed political cartoonist Sharon Murdoch’s delightful illustrations, White’s book expresses the richness and simple pleasure of owning a dog.

The lunch-time event was a lively conversation between Jeremy Taylor (from Slow Boat Records, and a big feature in the book) & Mike White ‘writer and journalist of all things murder-y’, on their passion of being dog-owners and being a part of the dog-owner community. They shared anecdotes of their respective dogs’ antics; the tragedies, the joys, and all the things in between that make having a dog so rewarding.

White’s huntaway, Cooper, watched attentively in the audience, receiving some much deserved pats, and the audience themselves enamoured with the stories, shared a few of their own. “Is it twee to say you can learn a lot from dogs?” White asks. Maybe, but then dogs have simple lives and get all the fulfillment they need from a humble stick.

The simple joyous life of Cooper, the dog.

Beautiful illustrations by Sharon Murdoch.

Jeremy Taylor – this book is “a tribute to not only a place and time but people and dogs.”

Jeremy Taylor & Mike ‘The Mayor of Tanera’ White

“Are people cat people or dog people? Can they be both?”

Sharon Murdoch

Mike White signing

Sharon Murdoch signing

How to Walk a Dog (HB $35) is available now in-store and online.


Words & photos by George Banach-Salas

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