September 14, 2019 posted by John Duke

AFTERGLOW: The Little Ghost Who Lost Her BOO!

AFTERGLOW: The Little Ghost Who Lost Her BOO!

Thursday 5th September 2019 was the date for an all ages shindig as Unity Books Wellington hosted a special celebration of Elaine Bickell’s Storylines Joy Cowley Award winning picture book The Little Ghost Who Lost Her BOO! The shop was filled with a crowd made up of the smallest to tallest readers, with a brisk trade in orange juice across the back counter. An extremely well behaved audience settled down for a reading of The Little Ghost, and was kept patiently waiting for only a few moments as Elaine acknowledged the beautiful illustrations of Raymond McGrath and thanked the many people involved with the publication of the book. Elaine treated the room to an interactive reading involving an animal impressions competition, demonstrating the correct way to read the book, always to be finished with a resounding BOO! To officiate the competition Elaine was joined by five junior judges who listened out for the very best animal noises and presented the winners with limited edition BOO! T-shirts. Colouring-in followed, keeping the kids busy while the adults set about buying up every copy of the book in the shop and Elaine put her signing pen to work in earnest.

Little Ghost ambassadors get the reading started

Keen readers were wise to secure their copies of the book early on a sell-out night

A busy night at the bar keeping the orange juice flowing

Colouring-in kept us occupied before and after story time

Unity Books’ Rachel Graham brings the house to order with her best school ma’am face

Elaine takes a moment to talk about the book before activities get underway

Everyone snaps to attention at the mention of prizes

The BOO! ambassadors turned judges for an animal impression competition

Have you seen my BOO!?

Keeping a keen eye out for the best MOO!

Listening intently

The prizes fly!

Book signing can get pretty exciting

Colouring-in at the John Quilter table proves a massive hit


The Little Ghost Who Lost Her BOO! is available in store and online now.

Words and pictures John Duke

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