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AFTERGLOW: The Shadow Land – Elizabeth Kostova in Conversation with Tracy Farr

AFTERGLOW: The Shadow Land – Elizabeth Kostova in Conversation with Tracy Farr

Elizabeth Kostova’s latest novel The Shadow Land was the subject of a fascinating discussion between Kostova and Wellington author Tracy Farr, held at Unity Books on Tuesday 22nd August. Set in Bulgaria, where Connecticut born Kostova has lived and worked for a number of years, The Shadow Land offers a window into another world and a meditation on the place where personal and national grief intersect. A keen audience of readers offered questions on working as a writer in a foreign culture, the balance between factual research and narrative thrust in fiction writing, and the inspiration for a certain canine character.

Local author Tracy Farr gave a warm welcome and had some insightful questions for her fellow author.

Elizabeth Kostova was delighted to find some fellow visitors to Bulgaria in the Wellington audience.

Excellent shirt too!

Two great authors and a warm bookshop make for a happy crowd in the Wellington winter.


It was a pleasure to host Elizabeth on her antipodean speaking tour and Unity Books wishes her all the best as she travels on to Christchurch and Australia.

Our thanks go to Tracy Farr for her insightful line of questioning.

The Shadow Land can be purchased in store and at Unity Books online, as well as Elizabeth’s previous bestsellers The Historian and The Swan Thieves.

Tracey Farr’s The Hope Fault and The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt are available now.

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