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Launch | The Party Line by Sue Orr | Thursday 3rd September 6pm

Launch | The Party Line by Sue Orr | Thursday 3rd September 6pm


An enthralling novel of individual bravery versus silent, collective complicity,
set in a vividly drawn farming community in 1970s New Zealand.

The Baxters do not know their place.

On the first of June every year, sharemilkers load their trucks with their families, pets and possessions and crawl along the highways towards new farms, new lives. They’re inching towards that ultimate dream — buying their own land.

Fenward’s always been lucky with its sharemilkers: grateful, grafting folk who understand what’s expected of them. Until now, when grief-stricken Ian Baxter and his precocious daughter, Gabrielle, arrive.

Nickie Walker is enchanted by the glamour and worldliness of Gabrielle. Nickie’s mother finds herself in the crossfire of a moral battle she dreads to confront. Each has a story to share.

This is a coming-of-age story for two young girls who hold a mirror up to the place and people they love. It’s a coming-of-age story, too, for a community forced to stare back at the image of a damaged soul.

The question is: who will blink first?


All welcome.

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