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Dirty Politics Launch, 13th August 2014

Dirty Politics Launch, 13th August 2014

Nicky Hager’s book launches draw large crowds and this one was the biggest in Unity history. Nobody but Nicky Hager, his daughter Julia Wells and his publisher Robbie Burton even knew what the book was called, let alone what it was about, until it was announced at the launch as the boxes of books were delivered. All the copies of Dirty Politics sold out in minutes and an emergency call went out to the printers to supply more books urgently. The launch proper was followed by a media briefing in the lobby and as the shop cleared TV reporters scrambled to film their pieces in the quietest patches of the store they could find.

Nicky Hagers invitation.

Unity’s mysterious whiteboard.

Copies of The Hollow Men, Hager’s earlier book.

Media assembled early.

Audio-visual equipment outside the shop.

Media soundcheck.

Media check their phones for rumours and instructions.

Dave Broome is ready to cart boxes.

Karen McLeod prepares for the onslaught.

Bee Ngawaka arms the audience for a long night.

Ready to film.

Cameras at the ready.

Media scrum thronging.

Some of the crowd.


Nicky Hager arrives.

Tilly Lloyd welcomes Nicky Hager, media and the rest of the audience to the launch.

Publisher Robbie Burton greets the crowd.

Robbie Burton outlines the publishing process.

Robbie Burton responds good-naturedly to attempts to hurry things along.

Julia Wells reveals the name and nature of the book.

Julia Wells introduces her father Nicky Hager.

Nicky Hager takes to the microphone.

The shop is packed to the gunnels.

Nicky Hager explains the contents of the book.

Hager gives examples of dirty politics.

The audience listen.

Hager answers some questions from the crowd.

Journalists frantically take notes while Hager speaks.

The audience laugh at a little black humour.

It’s jostling-room only surrounding Hager as he makes closing remarks.

Tilly Lloyd thanks Nicky Hager for his work and his presence.

The audience applaud.

The crowd inside await further deliveries of the book. Luckily there is still wine.

Media briefing outside the shop.

Nicky Hager signs books.

Nicky Hager listens to a customer.

Hager’s autograph.

Click on the image to read the press release issued after the launch.

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