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Geoff Murphy Launch, 10th October 2015

Geoff Murphy Launch, 10th October 2015

Invitation to, photos from and a review of the launch of Geoff Murphy’s A Life on Film, published by HarperCollins and launched at Unity Books by Bill Sheat.

The invitation.

Geoff Murphy’s books on display.

Bill Sheat launches the book.

Toby Kearns reads.

Geoff Murphy speaks.

Geoff Murphy’s family at the launch.

Geoff Murphy signing books.

Toby Kearns provided this review of the evening:

Transcript of Toby’s review:

1.10.15 Thursday

Geoff and the book Launch

my hole family went to a book launch there were about 100 or less or more peple. And I was Geoffs gransun. I told some peple that I was going to do a speech. there were some pepol there that were looking at me and it mite of been because my curles. And then some peple did speches and I was waching, and then it was my dads turn a went up with him when he finished I was going to read my speech and I did lots and lots of peple laghed and I waited for them to finish I cepet reading. After that lots of peple were saying good work well lots. And at that pont I was nervus at the start. My dad paul was more nervus than me. And then ather people specked.And then feedback on the spechers and then the speech was over.

Lots of peple had camrers and were takeing photos – I was nervus. Back to story. Arfter that me and Matt were talking about stories and he even suggested that I could write kids books!!! We were talking about Paddington for a bit. Some people even wanted me to sign Geoff’s book too!!! Then I did’ent want to so I went to look at some books. Then I went to my Mum and cudeld her. Then Jo let me have her phone and then Jamie wanted Jo’s phone so I let him and then he let me have his phone. Arfter all that fus I wanted some books. I got a nonfiction one and a fiction one. I can only remember one and that one was monkey boy it was a chapter one. And that is what I wanted. The nonfiction was really really good I thought it was one of the best. There were lods of amimals in fact it have animals in the whole book. Then I was looking at coulering books one of them had the cover of mine but different coulers on the front page and difrent patterns one was a mori book all I new was one the tapa cloth. Then I was waiting around diden’t no what to do then some more people were saying good work from the spech. Soon we went home and because of me we all got a trumpet.

Toby, a little help by family.

I liked all the stuff – I thought evry thing was excellent. I loved every one there. I got a surprise when matt said I could write kids books. If you liked my spech give it some rating:

҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉        ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉        ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉

I did three- one has to be for matt please. I love monkey boy and Animalium I think you should read Animalium. I was always happy there and everybody smiled that means you-

Toby. No help this time.

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