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John Ralston Saul tour and negotiations, January to March 1997

John Ralston Saul tour and negotiations, January to March 1997

When Unity Books heard John Ralston Saul – a Unity favourite and bestselling author – was going to be in town, we hurriedly expressed our interest in hosting or selling books at any events he’d be appearing at. A long round of negotiating and consulting ensued, and resulted in Unity selling both at an event organised by the National Press Club at the Museum Hotel and a lecture at the City Gallery.

Heather McKenzie writes to Karen Ferns at Penguin Books to advise of our interest in John Ralston Saul events.

Contacting NZ Book Council to see if they were organising an event.

Tilly Lloyd communicates with Heather Gamble at Penguin Books about a Rough Guide promotion as well as re-stating Unity’s interest in an event with Saul regardless of whether the NZ Book Council are involved.

Jenny Bornholdt at the City Gallery confirms the lecture.

Confirming logistics with the venue.

The National Press Club advertise their event with Saul.

Penguin Books send their advertisement proof to Unity Books for checking.

Confirming details for the Museum Hotel event.

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