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Night of the Big Shift, 15th July 1998

Night of the Big Shift, 15th July 1998

A note from Matthew Byrne wishing the team luck for the shift from Perrett’s Corner to 57 Willis Street.

Alan Preston, Heather McKenzie, Simon Forster and Perry Williams during the shelving part of the evening.

Is it five am yet? Helen Heath, Pagan Lewis, Tilly Lloyd, Alan Preston, Damian Skinner and the movers hope for sleep.

Posing in the new shop: Stella Chrystosom, Cara Lian, Helen Heath, Alan Collins, Damian Skinner, Jane Harris, Alan Preston, Tilly Lloyd and Ingrid Horrocks.

Alan Preston and Ross Somerville inspect the unfinished office.

Alan Preston and Paul Millar congratulate each other on a job well done.

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