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Shop Staff, 1990

Shop Staff, 1990

From the shop photo album, 1990 edition:

Linley Carpenter, Marion Castree, Louise Wrightson and Jenny Bornholdt in the shop at Perrett’s corner. Those books behind them don’t appear to be in alphabetical order by author’s last name, what’s going on?!?

It’s moments like these you need… Louise Wrightson and Sue Harris posing with a giant Minties lolly. Sue Harris writes back to the shop from her California trip.

Shop girls Louise Wrightson, Jenny Bornholdt, Sarah Maxey, Mary-Kate O’Connor, Alan Preston and Marion Castree pose with an unidentified child in the shop at Perrett’s Corner.

Young love! Was it the Bailey’s that did it? Marion Castree and Dean Johansson in the back room.

Louise Wrightson gracefully accepts the Oscar for best manager in a bookshop from Marion Castree.

Marion Castree, Kate Kennedy, Jenny Bornholdt and Lynley Carpenter in the shop at Perrett’s Corner.

Marion Castree, Louise Wrightson, Sarah Maxey, Mary-Kate O’Connor and Kim in the back room at Perrett’s Corner.

Mary-Kate O’Connor and “Neville”, later known as Genevieve.

Mary-Kate O’Connor and Sarah Maxey with mysterious speech bubbles by Marion Castree.

Staff in the shop at Perrett’s Corner: Sarah Maxey and a customer; Mary-Kate O’Connor, Marion Castree, Ray Harris and Louise Wrightson.


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