Do you sell books online?
We have an online shop at www.unitybooksonline.co.nz.
Both Unity Books stores are connected but their stock is independent. The titles for sale on www.unitybooksonline.co.nz are from Unity Books Wellington only – as such all orders will be posted from out of Wellington.

Although we do stock a lot of similar titles we also vary quite vastly in certain areas. If you’re interested in purchasing books from Unity Books Auckland, please contact them directly (09) 307 0731 or email them on shop@unitybooksauckland.co.nz.


I have faulty products, who should I contact?
Please contact us directly by either calling 0800 486 489 or emailing us on wellington@unitybooks.co.nz.


What are your opening hours?

Monday-Friday 8:30am-7pm ~
Saturday 9am-6pm ~
Sunday 10am-6pm
Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm ~
Friday 9am-7pm ~
Saturday 10am-5pm~
Sunday 11am-5pm

I keep forgetting my 11-for-10 card and now I have seventy of them. What do I do?
If you bring the 11-for-10 cards in together, we will happily consolidate them for you.


If I bring a receipt in can I add the books to my 11-for-10 card?
I’m afraid not, we do all 11-for-10 card work at the point of sale. If you do not have your card on you at the time, we will happily give you another one and you can consolidate them later. This is because as our 11-for-10 cards are handwritten by the staff, there is no evidence on a receipt that books have not already been accounted for. We endeavour to offer a card with every purchase.


What is your refund policy?
If there is a fault with the publishing in the book you purchased then we can replace the book for you at no extra cost. We may need to send away for a replacement copy from the publishers, so there could be a wee wait.

If you wish to return a book and it has not been damaged and you have a proof of purchase then we can supply you with a book voucher to the same value of the book you’re returning. The voucher will be for our store and valid for 12 months from date of exchange, so you can take your time choosing again. This does also depend on the amount of time passed since the book was initially purchased.


Do you take Booksellers tokens?
Unity Books is a member of Booksellers NZ and as such we do accept and sell Booksellers tokens in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, and $100. We also accept and sell our own Unity Books tokens which we can write out to any amount you require.


If I order something do I have to buy it?
If you put your name against something that is already coming in for stock to see whether it is what you’re after then no, there is no obligation to purchase. However if we special order a book for you that we do not normally keep in stock, we do expect that you will pick it up within a couple of weeks of it arriving. Firmer details are discussed when you place an order, including price and time frame.

Exceptions can always be made though, if the situation allows – so never be afraid to ask in advance!


What are my different shipping options?
Wellington Local Courier $4.50 – 1 day delivery to your door for Wellington & Suburbs, for up to 25 kg. If you’re in Wellington or it’s surrounds (as far North as Whitby and Upper Hutt), this is the best option for you.

Nationwide Courier $7.70 – 1-2 day delivery to your door for up to 2 kg. This is our standard shipping option – unless you’re ordering more than a couple of books, or you have a PO Box, this is probably the right option.

North Island Courier $12.30 – 1-2 day delivery to your door for 2-10 kg. If you’re ordering a number of books, up to around 15 paperbacks, this is your option. Provided you’re in the North Island.

South Island Courier $12.50 – 2-3 day delivery to your door for 2-5 kg. If you’re in the South Island and are ordering a number of books, up to around 8 paperbacks, this is your option.

Nationwide NZ Post $5.00 – 1-2 day delivery for up to 1.5 kg. While technically the weight limit for this service is 1.5 kg, the size limit is more often the restricting factor. Usually we can only get one book into the parcel; with this in mind we only recommend it for PO Box & R.D. addresses. Please note this is not a track and trace service.
If our courier options aren’t right for you but you want to be able to trace your parcel, get in touch with us or use the GET A QUOTE page, and we’ll work it out.