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May 24, 2014 posted by Unity Wellington

Update: Graham Brazier, Gutter Black, Rock’n’Roll

Update: Graham Brazier, Gutter Black, Rock’n’Roll

No amount of rain and wind can keep rock’n’rollers away from their kin. May 24th may have been dire outside in the capital, but fans of Hello Sailor still flocked to Unity Books to hear Graham Brazier and Finlay McDonald in conversation about the late Dave McCartney and his recently released memoir Gutter Black.

After being treated to an opening number from Graham, Finlay gave the audience a little back-story to his involvement with Dave’s story – a decade of working with various manuscripts of what Finlay described as “the great unpublished rock’n’roll story”.

Graham and Finlay both took turns reading excerpts from the book, between which they talked about everything from Hello Sailor’s varied literary influences (Byron and Shelley for Dave – Bukowski for Graham) to what may have happened if the band had ‘made it’ when they shifted to LA (debauchery leading to an untimely end, Graham suggested).  After questions from the audience, some of which were madcap yarns in themselves, Graham closed out the event with another song, leaving the audience undoubtedly eager to devour more of the tales in Gutter Black. Below are some photos of the event.

Review by Briar Lawry, Photos © Matt Bialostocki.


Gutter Black, new from HarperCollins Publishing.

A hint of the treat to come.

A hint of the treat to come.

Our own resident rock'n'roller Dylan "Acid Blood" Sherwood introduces Graham and Finlay.

Our own resident rock’n’roller Dylan “Acid Blood” Sherwood introduces Graham and Finlay.


Graham opened with a song – midday live music is how we roll here.


Graham Brazier (left) and Finlay McDonald (right) in conversation.


Soaking in the rock rays..


Regarding the time Dave credited him with saving his life, Graham said “I’d give my left testicle if I could’ve brought him back April last year.”



You can purchase Gutter Black in our online store.



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