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Tilly Lloyd becomes Unity Wellington Owner, March 2005

Tilly Lloyd becomes Unity Wellington Owner, March 2005

After a period of uncertainty, Tilly Lloyd (with Jo & Lawrie McColl of Unity Auckland) became the new part-owner of Unity Wellington, and messages of congratulation poured in.

A notice in the Dominion Post acknowledges the change.

Simie Simpson, former Unity staff member, congratulates Tilly, and comments on other shop-staff news.

Ken Phelps from US wholesaler Baker & Taylor congratulates Tilly Lloyd.


Pearl Irish congratulates Tilly Lloyd.


Unity Books sent this message to our suppliers and debtors advising of the change.

Despite this, there were some hiccoughs:

American Express were unable to process the change as quickly as hoped.

Alliance Distribution stopped our orders due to a misunderstanding.

NZ Post believed Unity’s account to be shut, as they didn’t deliver mail to themselves in time.



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