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Unity’s 45th Birthday Party, 15th September 2012

Unity’s 45th Birthday Party, 15th September 2012

After the tills closed on our 45th Birthday Sale, the wine (and beer!) continued to flow. Tilly Lloyd gave a short speech (below) then opened the microphone to anyone who wanted to speak. Staff paparazzi Matt Bialostocki (MB) and Marta Starosta (MS) documented the evening.

Tilly’s Speech: “The shop has always leaned back on our fortuitous past. Please raise your glasses to Alan Preston, Nigel Cox, and Prue de Villiers who shaped this place more than we realise.

To absent friends.

Speaking of the contents of your glass, something close to a new boutique beer we wish to call Unity Bock, could we raise a round of applause to the guys from up Aro Street, Garage Brewery

This shop is always about the people. And when you look around the room you can see why.

Thanks again for being here with us. The mic is now open and you are all welcome to use it.”


Jacqui Brokenshaw raises a toast. MS

Gloria Hildred, Genevieve Parkes and Todd Atticus at the middle counter. MS

Lawrie McColl makes a speech. MS

Courtney Smith, Karen McLeod, Cameron Hyland and Vanessa Williams mind the bar. MS

Jos Ruffell of the Garage Project sees his contribution disappear rapidly. MS

Tilly Lloyd implores us to make speeches. MS

David Lascelles recalls purchases past. MS

Dean Johansson tests the Garage Project. MS

Loyal customers listen to speeches. MS

Shop Dog Rhon checks for interlopers. MS


Liz Henwood; Lawrie McColl; Tilly Lloyd and Vanessa Williams cut the cake. MS

Vanessa Williams dispenses cake. MS

Cameron Hyland takes to the microphone. MS

Finnbar Castree-Johansson and Tobias Buck. MS

Colin Morris makes a joke (probably). MS

William Dewey & Jen. MS

Marion Castree strikes a pose. MS

Joan Roulston & Paul Greenberg. MB

Lynn & Colin Morris. MB

Jacqui Brokenshaw, Dylan Sherwood, Simon O’Shaunessy & others. MB

David Lascelles makes a speech. MB

Lawrie McColl listens. MB

Brian Byers & Lawrie McColl. MB

Sue Beaton. MB

Karen McLeod, Vanessa Williams & Genevieve Parkes, with Tobias Buck & Marion Castree in the background. MB

Tilly Lloyd & Russell Pitt. MB



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